See what our students and
graduates have to say about studying at AAPoly
  • ARANZANSO Abigael Bation – Philippines
    FedUni MBA (International Management) Graduate from AAPoly
    I like studying at AAPoly because I have confidence in them in providing support for international students like me to be able to succeed with our educational goals.

    AAPoly’s facilities have been able to support students with their environment conducive for studying. Books and computers are easily available for students which enable us to have an easier access to other tools needed for our studies. The teachers in AAPoly are also very good, they understand how hard it is to be an international student and they are more than happy to always extend a helping hand to make the whole educational experience a more enjoyable one. The staff are also very helpful as they are very approachable and you can easily address them any issue with regards to your studies. Sharing a whole educational experience with classmates from different parts of the world is also very mind opening as you get to share and learn cultures from different origins.

    I would recommend my friends to study at AAPoly as I have confidence in them that they will provide the same support they have given me throughout my experience.

  • PAJANG Parisa – Iran
    FedUni Master of Commerce (Professional Accounting) Graduate from AAPoly
    I’m really interested to study at AAPoly because of friendly environment in this college. Also there are lot of new facilities provided to assist us on our studies. I really enjoy attending each class and the lecturers are very supportive. All staffs are very responsible and helpful for students’ enquiries. I will definitely recommend my friends to study at AAPoly.

  • MENDOZA Arthur John Tolentino – Philippines
    FedUni Bachelor of Information Technology (Business Systems) Graduate from AAPoly
    I love to study at AAPoly because everyone in the college is treated equally. Every student has the chance to talk, to speak and to do whatever we want. The staff and lecturers at AAPoly are very supportive. It has a good studying environment with students from different cultural backgrounds. The college recently moved to the new campus where everything is brand new. I am glad to be one of the first students at this new college campus. The fresh and tidy environment will encourage students to go to school. I am studying Information Technology at AAPoly and I need to use the computer labs quite often. The computer systems are very fast and there are hotspots and free wifi available in the campus. Information Technology students like me can really take good advantage of it.

    I am one of the mentors of students at AAPoly. I enjoy mentoring students because comparatively, I pick up the concept from teachers easily. I can get the logic straight away from the teachers and fully understand what they are teaching in class. I like sharing my knowledge and experience with my classmates. I will use examples that are familiar to them to explain the learning materials to my classmates. I would say that we, as students, should help each other and share the knowledge with each other in the school. For me, it is a community responsibility. I am so glad that AAPoly has a mentor program. It is a good program to motivate and encourage students to mentor their classmates by recognizing their efforts. I wish there are more and more good mentors to help other students.
  • MAGGO Vishal – India
    AAPoly Certificate IV in Frontline Management Graduate
    I love studying in AAPoly because it has globally recognized courses and qualification. There is dynamic atmosphere in the campus. The staff at AAPoly are very supportive and friendly. There are students from different nations so it has diversified environment. I would definitely recommend my friends to study in AAPoly. If anyone is looking for small and quality classes for studies with diversified environment, AAPoly is the place.
  • QIN Guang – China
    AAPoly General English Student
    I like studying at AAPoly because the teachers here are very good. Learning environment is also good. I learn a lot from studying at AAPoly so I like the school. The facilities, teachers, classmates and staffs are amazing and they all pretty good. I will recommend my friends to study at AAPoly. I love to be staying at school for whole day.
  • LE Quynh Anh – Vietnam
    AAPoly General English Student
    I like studying at AAPoly because there are lot of friends from different countries and I feel comfortable to study here. Teachers at AAPoly can motivate and lead students to expend our interests in learning English. If my friends have plans to study English in Australia, I will recommend my friends to study at AAPoly.
  • TAKEUCHI Natsumi – Japan
    AAPoly General English and IELTS Student  
    I like studying at AAPoly because the teachers always teach patiently. Whenever there is something I could not understand, they will explain until I fully understand. There are many great teachers at AAPoly. Also, there are lot of study facilities available in the campus and they are all brand new and convenient to use. I always enjoy chatting with classmates from different countries at the study lounge as there are many facilities prepared for students such as fridge, microwave, food and drinks vending machine. The student lounge is one of my favourite areas in the school. AAPoly has English classes from beginners to advanced levels. I completed by General English and IELTS Preparation programs at AAPoly. I want to recommend friends to study at AAPoly especially those who would like to improve their English skills. I met a lot of friends at AAPoly and they are all from different countries. I enjoy studying abroad at AAPoly. I am sure that your life abroad will be very exciting too if you decide to study at AAPoly!!
  • NGUYEN Thi Kim Oanh – Vietnam
    AAPoly General English Student
    I like studying at AAPoly because the teachers are nice and caring. They always create enjoyable and interesting study atmosphere in the classroom. Classmates are from many countries and there are lot of facilities at AAPoly such as computer lab and project discussion room. It’s a great place to study and good location that closes to everywhere. I will recommend my friends to study at AAPoly.
  • LE Thi Phuong Thao – Vietnam
    AAPoly General English Student
    I like studying at AAPoly because staff and teachers are friendly and supportive. AAPoly is located next to train station and tram is just right in front of the school. It’s a great place and I would recommend with my friend about aAAPoly.

  • DEVECI Eyup – Turkey
    AAPoly Certificate IV in Frontline Management Graduate
    I like studying at AAPoly because the staff are very friendly. Also teachers are very helpful and always provide extra support to student.
  • ZHANG Yanjun – China
    FedUni Bachelor of Management student from AAPoly
    I like studying at AAPoly because it is small class size teaching at AAPoly and teachers will pay more attention to the student, I believe it is very important to new coming international student. As the study environment and teaching style in Australia is very different to my home country China, it is very hard for me as a new student to adapt at the beginning. I therefore need some extra attention and support by the teachers. In other universities, there will be at least 100 or more students in a lecture class to share one lecturer. It is very hard to catch up what the lecturer is up to. So smaller class size is very important for me.

    I completed my Advanced Diploma of Business in another institute and I am coming AAPoly to study another 1.5 years for the Bachelor course at FedUni. When I first started the Bachelor course, I need to attend the English Support Classes called Go Getter Group (GGG) at the same time. I found this extra support is very good and useful. Because I was jumping from the Advanced Diploma to Bachelor, there was a gap of study expectation for me. I was a little bit struggling in the beginning because the assignment and assessment requirement is different from my previous Advanced Diploma, I couldn’t handle it quite well. But the teachers in GGG was very nice and helpful, they provided extra support in helping me to improve my academies skills such as writing, reading, grammar and referencing. In GGG, teachers also guide us about the standard requirement of FedUni. It helps me to adapt my university life much more easily. The teachers and staffs are the best assets at AAPoly. It is because they all are very helpful and supportive. They are approachable everywhere in the campus. Even if they may not be able to answer my question directly or immediately, they will always guide me to the right person or help me through. There is no complaint at all.