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graduates have to say about studying at AAPoly
  • Melissa Landoniz – Italy
    Certificate IV in Travel & Tourism
    Hi guys!

    My name is Melissa, I am Italian but I have being living in Melbourne for almost 5 years. I have always dreamed to visit Australia because of its beautiful landscapes, exotic beaches, different weathers and curious animals. I left my beloved country after having finished university with the idea of traveling all around Australia just for one year, and to discover its wide and wild territories, and possibly improve my English by meeting people from different cultural background.

    During my Australian journey I totally felt in love with Melbourne, the “cultural capital of Australia”, and this is why I am still here! What I love the most about this city is its multicultural society, young and open-minded.

    Attracting major events and festivals to Melbourne is a priority for the state of Victoria, which views this as key to driving tourism and economic growth.

    For this reason l have decided to attend the Certificate IV and the Diploma in Travel and Tourism at AAPoly. I started my first course at the beginning of this year and I am very satisfied about the quality of the lessons and the arguments discussed with the teacher. My goal is to get the skills I need to succeed in the competitive but growing Australian travel industry.

    AAPoly offers excellence in teaching and the campus located closed to Southern Cross Station, in the heart of Melbourne, it is absolutely stunning. I usually enjoy my lunch break on the terrace situated at the 8th floor of the campus, because the view of the city is great from here!

    I do believe getting an Australian high-level qualification will help me to gain prestige and further job opportunities in the Travel and Tourism industry, providing to my clients the exceptionalities of my skills. Studying at AAPoly is helping me to acquire new business perspective and I am sure I will have lots of opportunities after having finished my courses.
  • Lukas Subrt – Czech Republic
    Diploma of Information Technology
    We are actually studying, The Diploma of Information Technology which involves subjects as: Network security, Websites HTML code basic programming, basic of Java Programming etc.

    By raising our level of theoretical and practice, this course is helping to prepare us for college/Uni level and future work.

    After completing this course, we are able to:
    - plan and setup network layout
    - identify network penetration and explain how to prevent it
    - read and analyse several articles to form your own opinion on a topic
    - the trainers are well educated
    - a safe, professional and friendly learning environment
    - regular and reliable feedback on student progress and achievements
    - mechanisms for students to pursue grievances and learning related issues as required
    - The needs as a student what are we require for future study and work

    Overall, responses from both the quantitative and qualitative data indicated moderate to high levels of satisfaction with the quality of teaching, instruction, learning and student engagement in our course; with students being less (but nevertheless still) positive about workloads, assessments, outcomes and available or assigned resources.

    Most of the responses indicated that students felt their lecturers were/are knowledgeable, skilled, enthusiastic, committed, and prepared. Comments were also typically made concerning lecturers’ willingness and ability to employ effective teaching methods and incorporate various learning materials, resources and technologies into teaching in ways that enhance student learning.

    As a student I can say that lecturers provide prompt and comprehensive feedback on our school work, treat students in a collegian manner, and are available when students needs an assistance.
  • TRALCE Jenny – Italy
    AAPoly Diploma of Hospitality Management Graduate, Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management
    I have really enjoyed my time at AAPoly over the last 2 years. The staff are very friendly and helpful, and I highly recommend this school to future students.

    I have studied Diploma in Hospitality Management, and I’m currently studying the Advance Diploma in Hospitality.

    I went to the Career Expo event last week, organised by Accor Hotel group. A few days before the Expo, I received and email from AAPoly, who were participating in the event and who informed me about the opportunity to attend. Luckily I went there, because I met industry experts who discussed my resume and the career opportunities open to me. Through the event I found my dream job in Tullamarine Airport at Melrose Pizza (www.melrosepizza.com.au)

    Study can be difficult, and you probably need to work hard, but in the end if you have the right organisation, like AAPoly, you can reach your goals.
  • CAROBBIO Bastien – France
    AAPoly Certificate IV in Travel and Tourism
    My name is Bastien. I am 28 and I come from around Bordeaux in the South West of France. I have been in Australia for more than two years now. I started with a Working Holiday Visa and I got access to a second year because I accomplished my 88 days of farm work in Tasmania. I like Melbourne for a lot of reasons. Mainly because it’s a very “friendly to live” city. Whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you come from, Melbourne will embrace you and you will feel like home. This city is huge and spread with a lot of different suburbs. I like the open-mindedness of the people living here, the good public transport system, the cultural aspect because there is all the time something going on or to see/do/try. As a multicultural city, Melbourne is the best place to try a lot of different kind of food from all around the world. And please, for those who says the weather is terrible, I agree but it’s a good excuse to enjoy a good coffee. Melbourne is the coffee city of Australia.

    I’m studying Certificate IV in Travel and Tourism. AApoly is a very welcoming school which care about the students studying at. Teachers and administrative employees call you by your name, are supportive and try to always engage a chat with you to know you better. A lot of surveys are send to the students to make sure everything and everyone is getting great. The school location is also a big plus, straight in the CBD with direct access to public transport (train + tram). Back in France, I studied Communication and Journalism for 5 years. During my Working Holiday experience I never got the chance to work in that industry. I had a lot of different jobs mainly in the travel and tourism industry. I learned everything from scratch and now I have a solid background, especially in reception and travel sales. I wanted to get a certification to match the skills I got at work, improving my knowledge and also because I love being at school and learning. My main goal is to arrive in Canada next year with a solid professional background in Travel and Tourism and a certification to go along with it.

    What I like the most about AAPoly is that students come from all around the world. The staff is friendly, the equipment and campus are very modern and in good condition. I got along pretty well with few people in my class, mainly with 3 of them, from England, Poland and Serbia. How cool is that!

    I’m flying to Vancouver soon so the future involves lots of trekking, kayaking and trips to the Rocky Mountains.
  • PRIME Marion – France
    AAPoly Diploma of Hospitality Management Graduate, Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management
    My name is Marion Prime, I am 27 years old and I am from France. I have been living in Australia for 2 years and a half. I came first with a Working Holiday Visa, available for one year, worked as Head Waitress in a Premium Restaurant in Crown Casino Melbourne, and because I enjoyed my experience so much in Melbourne and in Hospitality Industry, I decided to apply for a Student Visa to stay longer and develop my knowledge in Hospitality Management. What I like the most about Melbourne is the diversity of the cultures, every day I can meet different people from everywhere in the world. The residents of Melbourne are very open-minded, they welcome thousands of people from overseas every day and offer us a lot of opportunities to be integrated in their community. At AAPoly School, I have recently obtained the Diploma of Hospitality Management and I am currently completing the Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management. I really enjoy studying at AAPoly in Melbourne, located in Melbourne CBD. It is very convenient to reach the school with public transport from any suburb. The premises are brand new, and a large range of different programs are offered to the students. I chose to study in this school because the presentation of the different courses was presented on a brochure and clearly explained by the guidance counsellors of AAPoly. Each term, we are studying a different topic with different teachers who specialise in a particular subject. The teachers of AAPoly also come from different backgrounds and are willing to share their own experience with us, students, to help us in the improvement of our knowledge and skills. I just submitted and presented last week my Business Plan project to Ziggy Sikora, my teacher and assessor, which basically summarises all the topics we studied at AAPoly (Marketing, Market Analysis, Finance, etc). Ziggy has always been available to help us complete a project. I learnt a lot from him due to his experience in Hospitality for over 40 years - he even ran his own restaurant in Melbourne so he was more than a teacher but a facilitator to encourage us, as students, to develop our career in Hospitality Management. His guidance helped me to achieve a very comprehensive Business Plan (in his own words) which is very self-rewarding. Immediately after the submission of my project, I was offered 2 jobs, one in Events and another one as a restaurant Front of House Supervisor. The achievement of this course definitely helped me build-up my knowledge and gave me the confidence to step-up in my career. What I like the most about AAPoly is the diversity of the people, teachers and students debating together about very interesting subjects, where we can share our own experience and meet friends from different countries and diverse cultures. We have all the support from the staff of AAPoly, we can use the computer labs at any time, the library offers a large range of books to borrow, and the recreation area is also very nice with the tennis court, the barbecue equipment and the students room available for free all day. After the completion of my studies, I would like to continue my career in Hospitality Management and apply everything I learnt at AAPoly to develop my skills and attributes. Step by step, I will consider the position of Restaurant or Hotel Manager and maybe, one day, open my own business. Marion Prime
  • PAJANG Parisa – Iran
    FedUni Master of Commerce (Professional Accounting) Graduate from AAPoly
    I’m really interested to study at AAPoly because of friendly environment in this college. Also there are lot of new facilities provided to assist us on our studies. I really enjoy attending each class and the lecturers are very supportive. All staffs are very responsible and helpful for students’ enquiries. I will definitely recommend my friends to study at AAPoly.

  • MENDOZA Arthur John Tolentino – Philippines
    FedUni Bachelor of Information Technology (Business Systems) Graduate from AAPoly
    I love to study at AAPoly because everyone in the college is treated equally. Every student has the chance to talk, to speak and to do whatever we want. The staff and lecturers at AAPoly are very supportive. It has a good studying environment with students from different cultural backgrounds. The college recently moved to the new campus where everything is brand new. I am glad to be one of the first students at this new college campus. The fresh and tidy environment will encourage students to go to school. I am studying Information Technology at AAPoly and I need to use the computer labs quite often. The computer systems are very fast and there is free wifi available in the campus. Information Technology students like me can really take good advantage of it.

    I am one of the mentor students at AAPoly. I enjoy mentoring students because comparatively, I pick up the concept from teachers easily. I can get the logic straight away from the teachers and fully understand what they are teaching in class. I like sharing my knowledge and experience with my classmates. I will use examples that are familiar to them to explain the learning materials to my classmates. I would say that we, as students, should help each other and share the knowledge with each other in the school. For me, it is a community responsibility. I am so glad that AAPoly has a mentor program. It is a good program to motivate and encourage students to help their classmates by recognizing their efforts. I wish there are more and more good mentors to help other students.
  • MAGGO Vishal – India
    AAPoly Certificate IV in Frontline Management Graduate
    I love studying in AAPoly because it has globally recognized courses and qualification. There is dynamic atmosphere in the campus. The staff at AAPoly are very supportive and friendly. There are students from different nations so it has diversified environment. I would definitely recommend my friends to study in AAPoly. If anyone is looking for small and quality classes for studies with diversified environment, AAPoly is the place.

  • DEVECI Eyup – Turkey
    AAPoly Certificate IV in Frontline Management Graduate
    I like studying at AAPoly because the staff are very friendly. Also teachers are very helpful and always provide extra support to student.
  • ZHANG Yanjun – China
    FedUni Bachelor of Management student from AAPoly
    I like studying at AAPoly because it is small class size teaching at AAPoly and teachers will pay more attention to the student, I believe it is very important to new coming international student. As the study environment and teaching style in Australia is very different to my home country China, it is very hard for me as a new student to adapt at the beginning. I therefore need some extra attention and support by the teachers. In other universities, there will be at least 100 or more students in a lecture class to share one lecturer. It is very hard to catch up what the lecturer is up to. So smaller class size is very important for me.

    I completed my Advanced Diploma of Business in another institute and I am coming AAPoly to study another 1.5 years for the Bachelor course at FedUni. When I first started the Bachelor course, I need to attend the English Support Classes called Go Getter Group (GGG) at the same time. I found this extra support is very good and useful. Because I was jumping from the Advanced Diploma to Bachelor, there was a gap of study expectation for me. I was a little bit struggling in the beginning because the assignment and assessment requirement is different from my previous Advanced Diploma, I couldn’t handle it quite well. But the teachers in GGG was very nice and helpful, they provided extra support in helping me to improve my academies skills such as writing, reading, grammar and referencing. In GGG, teachers also guide us about the standard requirement of FedUni. It helps me to adapt my university life much more easily. The teachers and staffs are the best assets at AAPoly. It is because they all are very helpful and supportive. They are approachable everywhere in the campus. Even if they may not be able to answer my question directly or immediately, they will always guide me to the right person or help me through. There is no complaint at all.