Documents for new BTHM students
Welcome to all our new AAPoly students! Before your first week of study, you will be invited to various orientation activities, to familiarise you with AAPoly, with higher education and the services that are available to support you. Make sure you catch every activity and don’t miss out on the information and the fun!

The collection of information below is for your easy reference during the orientation and after, whenever you need to access information or support. Please take time to review these documents and links, including the Student Policies which are relevant to you and your study at AAPoly.

We appreciate any feedback that you may have regarding the orientation activities or information provided. Please send your feedback or suggestions to academicdean@aapoly.edu.au. Again, WELCOME to AAPoly!

Please click on your location to see relevant orientation material that concerns you

New students are encouraged to view AAPoly’s Student Policies via this link: http://www.aapoly.edu.au/student-policies