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Students will have access to a transparent, fair and prompt process.

Students shall have access to a transparent, fair and prompt process for resolving complaints and appeals. Where possible and appropriate, the complaints/appeals shall be dealt with locally at the level at which the issue of the complaint/appeal occurs. If the complaint/appeal cannot be resolved at the local level, the student will have access to an Academies Australasia Polytechnic internal appeal process. If the matter cannot be resolved through the internal appeal process, then the student will have access to a final hearing by an independent external person or organization. Throughout these processes, no student will be disadvantaged for having made a complaint or appeal.

A student who wishes to make a complaint or appeal will complete the Complaint/Appeal form and submit it to Academies Australasia Polytechnic reception. All students have the right to be represented and/or accompanied by a nominee at all times.

Please refer to the detailed information in the following Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure:
Complaints and Appeals Policy (PDF) 157 kB
Complaints and Appeals Procedure (PDF) 187 kB