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How do I apply for Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning?
Academies Australasia Polytechnic offers students Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) towards all courses for students who have accredited qualifications and/or professional experience in the relevant areas. To apply for Credit Transfer/RPL please contact the Student Services team applications@polytechnic.academies.edu.au
How do Credit Transfer and RPL effect my course?
If you are formally are granted recognition for previous learning, you may be able to complete your course of study earlier.
How can I find out my results?
You will receive feedback from your teachers every term/semester, and you can check your results from “AAPoly LMS”. Federation University Australia students can log into “my Student Centre” to check their results.
I have not passed all my units, what shall I do?
You may need to apply for extension to your studies. Please speak to your Program Coordinator for advice.
How do I apply for my certificate?
If you successfully met all the assessment requirements of the course you are enrolled in and have paid all your tuition fees, you are eligible to apply for your qualification certificate. Please contact Student Services applications@polytechnic.academies.edu.au
How can I defer my studies?
You are only able to defer your studies in limited situations. (This information is in accordance to the National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education to Overseas Students 2007). Once you have enrolled in a course, the institute is in a position to NOT ALLOW you to defer your studies. However, you may be eligible to defer on the grounds of compassionate and compelling circumstances if, for example, you have an illness evidenced by a doctor’s certificate or there are other exceptional circumstances beyond your control, like bereavement. If you defer your studies, the institute must report the variation of enrolment to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) through PRISMS. The deferral may affect your student visa and you are advised to contact DIBP. A deferral cannot be granted unless you present the appropriate documentation e.g. airline tickets, proof of reason for deferral. To obtain approval, you need to contact Student Services applications@polytechnic.academies.edu.au 14 days prior to the requested deferral date. You can defer your studies for a maximum period of one semester. Once the deferral is processed, you will receive a written letter granting the deferral.
Do I need to notify AAPoly about a change IN my address and/or contact details?
Student visa condition 8533 requires you to notify your educational provider of any changes in your residential address within 7 days. Failure to do so is in breach of Condition 8533 and may result in a cancellation of your student visa by DIBP. If you have changed your address or contact details please notify our Student Services team applications@polytechnic.academies.edu.au
What happens if I am sick and unable to attend class?
Students who are absent should see a registered medical practitioner and obtain a medical certificate. The medical certificate must state that you have a medical condition and the period you will be unfit for class. You will need to give a photocopy of the medical certificate to your teacher and keep the original.
How does my OSHC Worldcare card apply if I am sick?
BUPA Overseas Student Health Cover cards take approximately 2 weeks to process from the day you commence your class at Academies Australasia Polytechnic. They will be distributed on campus. If you are sick and you visit a doctor, pay for your visit and keep the receipt so that you can lodge your claim through BUPA's online portal or their service centres.
Am I eligible for a concession card for public transport?
An International Undergraduate Student Education Pass (iUSEpass) is a simple way for eligible, international undergraduate students to save money on public transport. For more details, check the PTV website: https://www.ptv.vic.gov.au/tickets/concessions/international-students/

Please note that AAPoly is currently not participating in this scheme.