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  • THT3111 Environmental and Cultural Tourism Students - Melbourne Exhibition Building and Carlton Gard



    Students from THT3111 Environmental and Cultural Tourism went on an excursion to the Melbourne Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens. From this experience, students had an opportunity to experience a Melbourne cultural icon and understand how it fits into local and national history. Students were exposed to the issues around conservation of this UNESCO World Heritage site. This excursion looked into how to provide visitors an experience with a location of significant historic and cultural significance, and provided students the opportunity to consider the conservation, restoration and preservation principles of this location. It also considered relevant artefacts, and the relevance of the principles of the Burra Charter and/or HUL and modern technology.Students saw how this site is used in a practical and commercial sense whilst also being protected from a heritage perspective.



    Students also visited the Melbourne Museum. Here students experienced the Museum’s intriguing permanent collections which display Victoria's natural environment, cultures and our history through different perspectives. This excursion focused on the management and display of cultural artefacts and sites, and explored how to create an experience for visitors through an important gatekeeper. It was a hands-on experience addressing particular aspects of Assessments 2 and 3.