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  • The Student (Melissa Landoni) Experience at AAPoly


    Melissa Landoni is a student currently studying Certificate IV in Travel & Tourism. She provided another great Student Testimonial.


    Hi guys!

    My name is Melissa, I am Italian but I have being living in Melbourne for almost 5 years. I have always dreamed to visit Australia because of its beautiful landscapes, exotic beaches, different weathers and curious animals. I left my beloved country after having finished university with the idea of traveling all around Australia just for one year, and to discover its wide and wild territories, and possibly improve my English by meeting people from different cultural background.

    During my Australian journey I totally felt in love with Melbourne, the “cultural capital of Australia”, and this is why I am still here! What I love the most about this city is its multicultural society, young and open-minded.

    Attracting major events and festivals to Melbourne is a priority for the state of Victoria, which views this as key to driving tourism and economic growth.

    For this reason l have decided to attend the Certificate IV and the Diploma in Travel and Tourism at AAPoly. I started my first course at the beginning of this year and I am very satisfied about the quality of the lessons and the arguments discussed with the teacher. My goal is to get the skills I need to succeed in the competitive but growing Australian travel industry.

    AAPoly offers excellence in teaching and the campus located closed to Southern Cross Station, in the heart of Melbourne, it is absolutely stunning. I usually enjoy my lunch break on the terrace situated at the 8th floor of the campus, because the view of the city is great from here!

    I do believe getting an Australian high-level qualification will help me to gain prestige and further job opportunities in the Travel and Tourism industry, providing to my clients the exceptionalities of my skills. Studying at AAPoly is helping me to acquire new business perspective and I am sure I will have lots of opportunities after having finished my courses.