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    Lukas Subrt, from Czech Republic, is currently studying Diploma of Information Technology and provided another great Student Testimonial!

    We are actually studying, The Diploma of Information Technology which involves subjects as: Network security, Websites HTML code basic programming, basic of Java Programming etc.

    By raising our level of theoretical and practice, this course is helping to prepare us for college/Uni level and future work.

    After completing this course, we are able to:
    - plan and setup network layout
    - identify network penetration and explain how to prevent it
    - read and analyse several articles to form your own opinion on a topic
    - the trainers are well educated
    - a safe, professional and friendly learning environment
    - regular and reliable feedback on student progress and achievements
    - mechanisms for students to pursue grievances and learning related issues as required
    - The needs as a student what are we require for future study and work

    Overall, responses from both the quantitative and qualitative data indicated moderate to high levels of satisfaction with the quality of teaching, instruction, learning and student engagement in our course; with students being less (but nevertheless still) positive about workloads, assessments, outcomes and available or assigned resources.

    Most of the responses indicated that students felt their lecturers were/are knowledgeable, skilled, enthusiastic, committed, and prepared. Comments were also typically made concerning lecturers’ willingness and ability to employ effective teaching  methods and incorporate various learning materials, resources and technologies into teaching in ways that enhance student learning.

    As a student I can say that lecturers provide prompt and comprehensive feedback on our school work, treat students in a collegian manner, and are available when students needs an assistance.