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  • Studiosity - Improving students' reports and essays

    STUDIOSITY – Improving students’ reports and essays

    The verdict is in - there is a noticeable difference in the quality of assessment submissions when students use Studiosity

    Lecturers report being able to tell the difference in the quality of work submitted first through Studiosity. In addition, two-thirds (64%) of students using the service report being “extremely satisfied”

    Studiosity’s 24/7, online, one-to-one service was chosen as a way to enhance our academic support, providing students with free personalised academic writing feedback on submissions within 24 hours. Studiosity is used widely throughout the Australian Higher Education sector as an enhanced mode of academic support, and it is clear to see why.

    Studiosity tutors give personalised information on how to improve your writing. Studiosity tutors look at the following points:

    Essay structure including introduction, linking sentences, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

    Language choice: is your choice of words appropriate for the type of assignment you are working on, e.g., persuasive essay, speech, critical analysis, or report?

    Development of ideas including whether you have adequately answered the question.

    Referencing: where relevant, they will advise you on the correct way to use the required APA referencing style.

    Grammar and spelling: the Studiosity tutors will pick up any mistakes you might have made and they will help you to understand how to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

    It is easy! At ANY TIME on ANY DAY, click on the link provided in your subject LMS. Click the “Studiosity button” and upload your assessment to Studiosity. (Assessments should be at least 500 words). A response from Studiosity will be provided WITHIN 24 HOURS. Use the feedback to improve your assessment before submitting your assessment.


    Studies show that students who use Studiosity GET BETTER RESULTS