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  • Semester 1, 2020 – Innovation and Good Practice Teaching Awards

    With the need to make a rapid transition to online learning, all staff deserve a sincere congratulations for the efforts they made to help students adjust to studying online. What we have learnt this semester will certainly inform our practice in Semester 2, 2020.

    AAPoly celebrates our colleagues who have produced innovative work that are examples of good practice that we can build upon.

    Award winners were identified based on the vote of their peers, the online teaching team. Two award categories were based on student feedback.

    Best Welcome Video

    (1) Peng Ho

    (2) Bettina Graham

    Comments: Personality comes through; Good optics and content; Linked personal experience with what they are teaching; Clear & concise, designed to target international students; Interesting glimpse into the personal, not just professional, academic; Clear and precise.

    Best Content Video

    (1) Dr Sunny Vinnakota

    (2) Peng Ho & Bettina Graham

    Comments: Engaging. Evidence of effort; Peng Ho did amazing work by explaining elasticity using a rubber band before he dived into the topic; Embedded videos were good, also animation was good to keep interest; Great clarity of content and context; Great to see the image of the lecturer, the slides and demonstrations.

    Best How To / Help Video

    (1) Sathia Vijayasankar

    (2) Angelique Zakkas

    Comments: Very Prescriptive in nature; Both of these videos can be followed step by step and are well laid out; From the student perspective it would be easy to follow. Well done both of you; Very clearly explained; Simplicity and clarity overall.

    Best Subject Introduction Video

    (1) Peng Ho

    Comments: He talked about economics before he started the subject introduction; His enthusiasm for the subject encourages the viewers to study it; Very good command and friendly; He was methodical in his approach; Explained with clarity.

    Best Assessment Tab

    (1) Shuchi Nanda

    Comments: Well organised with details; it is clear, what is required of international students; Very clear setup and easy to understand.

    Best Team-Teaching Award

    (1) Cynthia Tang & Jukhruf Junaid

    Comments: Good coordination; Enthusiasm and team work; Insightful and professional; Exhibited clarity and simplicity; Content and tutorials were well connected.

    Best LMS Page

    (1) Angelique Zakkas BBU2101 Enterprise U

    Comments: Very well set up and easy to follow; It is very clear and self-explanatory; In many cases, such pages are confusing but this one is really good; friendly and easy to navigate; I would feel confident that I have everything I need to study from the way the material is presented.

    Best Student Response to Tutorial Leaders

    (1) Angelique Zakkas

    (2) Prakriti Devkota

    (3) Rajveer Kaur

    (4) Steven Christie

    Best Student Response to Subject

    (1) THH3113 Sathia Vijayasankar with Prakriti Devkota

    (2) THT2114 William Lee with Uma Panchapakesan and Rajveer Kaur

    (3) THB2107 Naveen K Kokulla with Angelique Zakkas

    (4) MGM3115 William Lee with Uma Panchapakesan and Walied Askarzai

    (5) MGK1103 Mohan Dass with Angela (QI) An and Mervyn Nathan