What is going on at AAPoly

    Travel and Tourism

    - Certificate IV in Travel and Tourism
    - Diploma in Travel and Tourism
    - Advanced Diploma in Travel and Tourism

    The Travel & Tourism industry continues to rapidly expand in Australia and across the globe. It is an exciting industry to work in with a wide range of sectors such as Travel Agencies, Airlines, State and Regional Government Tourism Bureaus, Eco-tourism and tourism attractions.

    People skills – communication, customer service, teamwork and excellent personal presentation - are an essential part of working in the industry. You also need to be able to work well under pressure and to be highly organised. Our courses cover these skills plus many more and on completion you will be well placed on the pathway to a challenging and enjoyable career.

    Marketing and Communication

    - Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication
    - Diploma in Marketing and Communication
    - Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Communication

    In today’s business, marketing plays a vital role in understanding consumers and markets, to enable companies to make more profitable and effective decisions. In every sector of the economy, public, private or not for profit, marketing is critical to the success of every business.

    Managing the marketing process requires certain knowledge of both the marketplace and the implications of the marketing mix. Our courses will enable you to achieve your ambitions and provide access to positions in the various sectors of the industry such as Advertising, Direct Marketing, Promotion Marketing and Marketing Research.