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  • Master of Technology (Enterprise Systems) Promotion for 2015 November Semester

    Academies Australasia Polytechnic (AAPoly) is pleased to announce the following promotions for Master of Technology (Enterprise Systems)- Federation University Australia program at AAPoly:

    1. Scholarship to every successful enrolment- $3,000

    • Scholarship will be applied through tuition fees for semester 2 Only
    • This scholarship is not applied for semester 1 tuition fees or any other fees
    • This scholarship is only provided to student applications lodged AFTER 7th September, 2015

    2. Cognate recognition from Bachelor Studies (Credit Exemption)

    • Bachelor degree in IT or related discipline (Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Systems etc.)
    • Up to 4 credit exemption upon successful Credit Transfer Application based on the Bachelor degree, tuition fee savings may be up to $10,700
    • Student may choose to accept less than 4 credit exemptions for their own circumstances

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    Please contact us at enquiries@polytechnic.academies.edu.au or 03 8610 4100 (Marketing staff)

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