What is going on at AAPoly
  • Hospitality Management Information Session

    The wonderful Eleanor Layton hosted our Hospitality Management Information Session with the help of our super students, Toby and Donna. The sessions covered a range of practical service skills, including how to carry trays, plates and glasses. Eleanor also covered tips on how to find a job and how to succeed in the hospitality industry and provided information about our Diploma of Hospitality Program. We were delighted to see 36 students join the event from such a wide range of nationality backgrounds.

    Our student Toby facilitated the workshop and shared many practical tips on working in the industry.

    Ready to serve!

    Look, no dropping!

    The challenge: Can you carry 6 glasses in one hand?

    Participants from all parts of the world

    Everyone loves AAPoly’s hospitality courses

    Happy hour after the event!

    A great chance to network