What is going on at AAPoly
  • Future Female Conference 2019


    Members of AAPoly attended an exhilarating day at the Future Female Conference 2019. AAPoly sponsored student, Phub Zam, AAPoly sponsored staff member, Kathleen Doyle and AAPoly’s Career Services Manager, Angelique Zakkas who was invited as a mentor for the event, were treated to stories of inspiring women who have achieved extraordinary successes. Speakers talked about the various experiences they have encountered as international women and the life- lessons they have picked up on the way. We learned from our female leaders many things, including the following:


    • What it takes to show courage and take risks;
    • How to respond to the obstacles that women face in the workplace, particularly women from diverse cultural backgrounds;
    • The kind of people and projects that are creating changes in our communities;
    • How to identify and contribute to our community (our ‘tribe’);
    • How to connect with peers and mentors and build up a network of supporters;
    • The importance of asserting your needs in the workplace;
    • The importance of volunteering; and,
    • The importance of women ‘walking shoulder to shoulder’


    During the mentoring session, students received further tips on developing employability skills, gaining employment and seeking promotions. We highly recommend this event to students who are feeling somewhat isolated living in Australia or who feel some disconnection between study and one’s career path. Everyone certainly came away from the conference feeling empowered and ready to live out their dreams.