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  • Communication to Students – COVID-19 restrictions and return to study – VET and Higher Education stu


    We are all very happy and excited about the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. At the same time, we must also be very cautious and continue to adhere to the advice of the health and governmental authorities – both State and Federal.

    Vocational students in Term 2 and Higher Education students in Semester 1 have all studied online, and from your survey feedback, most have been able to cope with the changes. We appreciate the efforts of both teaching staff and students, during this challenging time of change.

    Many have reported that moving into a restricted environment is much easier than moving out of it! While the restrictions have eased, we must continue to be vigilant about the health risks and adhere to the instructions from the relevant authorities.

    A. For our students studying VET courses:

    • 1. Term 3 2020 commences 6 July 2020 and will continue to be taught online, except for those courses with practical units.
    • 2. Students will enrol online and will be assisted by Student Services.
    • 3. The courses with practical units that will be returning to face-to-face classes include:
      • a. Certificate III in Commercial Cookery.
      • b. Certificate IV in Information Technology.
      • c. Certificate IV in Travel and Tourism.
    • 4. Students who are scheduled to study practical units (face-to-face) but are still overseas and unable to return to Australia due to travel restrictions, will be given theory units to study in Term 3 2020.
    • 5. All face-to-face classes will comply with COVID-19 guidelines which will include having to sign-in and sign-out of the premises and social distancing rules in the classrooms.
    • 6. All other courses (except those mentioned in 3 above) will continue to study online.
    • 7. All students will receive their timetables to enrol for Term 3 2020 by 29 June 2020.

    B. For VET students who are scheduled for Work-based Training (WBT):

      • a. Certificate III and Certificate IV Commercial Cookery
      • b. Diploma of Hospitality (standalone)
    • 1. With the easing of the restrictions in Victoria, some of our partner hosts are now ready to provide Work-based Training (WBT) to our students at their workplace. However, majority of our partner hosts cannot commit yet for Term 3 and are more likely to resume hosting students in Term 4 (September 2020).
    • 2. When you do your WBT, be mindful to strictly comply with your WBT host venue’s COVID Safe Plan in place.
    • 3. Available WBT places will be allocated first to students who were scheduled to do the WBT in Term 2 and have no outstanding failed units.
    • 4. Under normal circumstances, AAPoly students must do the WBT at any of AAPoly partner hosts to ensure the quality of the work placement.
    • 5. However, because of COVID-19 restrictions, AAPoly will consider student-nominated hosts, so that students can do the WBT at their workplaces or another nominated place, to help them complete their placements within the duration of their COEs.
    • 6. Approval of a student-nominated host will undergo the same process that AAPoly does with its partner hosts, i.e., the venue should satisfy the requirements listed in the Venue Suitability Checklist which will be verified through an actual venue visit of our WBT Supervisor.
    • 7. Student-nominated host organisation means:
      • a. if you are currently working in a kitchen, you can nominate your employer to be your WBT host
      • b. if you are not currently working in a kitchen or you have not yet worked in a kitchen before, you need to find a venue preferably close to your home address and AAPoly will assist in getting the Employer’s consent
    • 8. Regarding your roster, you need to be more flexible with your availability as the host venue’s operational requirements now would be different from the previous “normal” due to COVID-19.
    • 9. The WBT team at AAPoly will contact you very shortly, to make arrangements.

    C. For our students studying Higher Education:

    • 1. Semester 2 2020 commences 20 July 2020 and all classes will continue to be taught online.
    • 2. Students will enrol online and will be assisted by Student Services and the Academic Faculty staff, to ensure that all enrolments are correct.
    • 3. Specific information about online enrolment and online orientation will be sent to you during the week of 13 July 2020.

    Students are welcome to the campus but must comply with COVID-19 safety guidelines.

    Esther Teo
    Chief Executive Officer
    16 June 2020