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  • Career Guidance Talk - Mr Sagar Pore, Asst F & B Manager (The Langham Hotel, Melbourne)



    On January 14 th , 2019, at AAPoly Melbourne Campus, Mr Sagar Pore from The Langham Hotel Melbourne, spoke to BTHM and AAPoly students on Careers and Trends in the Hospitality Sector. He also provided useful directions on how to seek employment in the sector.

    There were over 65 students who attended the Career Guidance Talk. Mr Pore spoke on Tourism & Hospitality trends, T & H sub-sectors together with useful and practical examples of the type of jobs available. Mr Pore explained the key attributes that undergraduates should inculcate before seeking employment. To be gainfully employed, students should first have the right attitude and then have the appropriate skills and knowledge. Finally, students should be prepared to get involved in any kind of work experience, no matter how small, to get into the industry. Work experience, according to Mr Pore, is significant and is the expectation of most employers. He drew examples of his skills and knowledge, describing his success and growth as due to his passion for the job.

    Students were advised to seek new skills, such as digital marketing, social media and electronic transaction methodology, which is in demand in the industry. The T & H sector also has high expectations of graduates. He listed several other job opportunities ranging from customer relations, accounting, research, F & B management, events management, and marketing. Mr Pore also spoke of the importance of cultivating strong customer relationship and stated that students must apply their communication skills to excel in the service-oriented industry.

    Finally, Mr Pore spoke about the growth of the sector, with many large hotel chains that are being constructed in Melbourne. This growth will increase the demand for skilled employees, and the job opportunities for young graduates in this sector towards 2020.

    Dr Mohan Dass,
    Academic Dean

    January 14, 2019