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  • Being Exam Ready

    Being Exam Ready

    Be Kind to Yourself

    • Get least 8 hours of sleep the night before your exam – leave that Facebook update ‘til another time!
    • Eat a healthy, and well-balanced breakfast
    • Wear comfortable clothing – you do not need to make a fashion statement!

    Know Your Exam Time

    • Check the public transport timetable – it will not match to your exam schedule
    • Set your alarm (in your ‘phone or use an alarm clock) to be ready for an early train/tram.
    • Be at the exam venue early enough to know where you are seated, and to help your mind relax to be exercised in the exam

    Be Prepared

    • It is winter in Melbourne, wear a jacket in case the exam room is not temperature comfortable
    • Bring your student ID Card
    • Bring an ample supply of pens to write with
    • Bring a bottle of water
    • Check with your lecturer(s) ahead of time what else you may bring to the exam (e.g. calculator)

    Review Key Concepts of Your Subject Unit within 24 hours before the Exam

    During the Exam, Budget your Time

    • Use the entire exam period. Extra marks are not given for a quick completion and exit.
    • If a question seems too hard, look for the next question you can answer. Sometimes in answering another question, it will help your memory
    • Do not worry if other students finish the exam before you do

    Be Careful Not to Give any Impression of Cheating

    Don’t Give Up

    • Having a short memory lapse is normal – know yourself!

    Exams and Ramadan: How to Make the Best of Both

    The HE Exams fall during the Month of Ramadan. Regrettably, it is not possible to change the examination dates as these are fixed well in advance.

    Ramadan is a time of self-reflection, increased religious devotion and self-control for those of the Islamic Faith. Fasting during Ramadan (which also means abstaining from water) is one of the Five Pillars (fundamental religious observances) of Islam.

    The hours of abstaining from food and drink between dawn and sunset can be particularly challenging for students undertaking exams.

    AAPoly does not instruct students how they should address the situation, but we are sensitive to this time. The following tips may be useful.