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  • AAPoly's Marketing Manager, Sabrina Goria

    We are very proud to announce that our Marketing Manager, Sabrina Goria, was recently interviewed by Italy’s Rai International (Rai being Italy's public national broadcaster). Rai’s interest in interviewing Sabrina was to probe into why she left her homeland and a long and successful career in Italy’s Entertainment Events industry.

    In the interview Sabrina talks about being seduced from afar by the beauty of the Australian landscape encapsulated in the pictures sent by her brother who had been living in Perth for years.

    When Sabrina arrived in Australia she worked originally within the Italian Community, first for the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Perth, then for the Italian Institute of Culture, and after that for the Italian Media Corporation (Italian Radio and Newspaper) in Melbourne.

    Over these last four years she has embraced a new career direction that has led her to become the Marketing Manager for Academies Australasia Polytechnic. Through this role she can express her passion and commitment to helping students choose the right course during their stay in Melbourne. We are extremely fortunate to have Sabrina as part of the team.

    Rai Italia on Sabrina Goria, marketing manager | Melbourne

    Any dreams? To move to Queensland where I can live in front of the ocean and paint.