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  • AAPoly’s Junny Ebenhaezer presenting at the Third Annual TEQSA Conference



    We were delighted that Senior Manager Junny Ebenhaezer was able to include her presentation under the topic of Diversity in the Third Annual TEQSA Conference – Nov. 2018. Derived from her doctorate research into the underexplored contribution that Asian students and Asian-Australians can make to developing Asia-literate graduates in Australia, Junny urged academics to value and exploit the naturally occurring cross-cultural experiences in Australian higher education classrooms. Of particular significance is the fact that only a small percentage of Australians participate in study abroad even though immersion studies is one of the most effective way of building intercultural competence. Junny offers through her thesis an insight into the cross-cultural ‘tensions’, inviting academics to consciously identify and utilise them in teaching-learning to construct what is a key graduate attribute. Among those who attended her presentation was the former Executive Director of Australia’s pioneer university in internationalisation; Senior Management of a new higher education institution about to foray into Asia; and, a newly inducted lecturer who thanked Junny for helping her “finally understand why the Asian students in my classroom were often quiet and what I should do to elicit their participation”. Junny has been working from Singapore since 2016, primarily managing Academies Australasia Group’s business development in Indonesia and the admission of Singapore-based students to the Australia-based courses. She is completing a revision of her PhD thesis after the first submission. Drop her an email if you are going to be in Singapore this year. She’ll gladly take you around for a culinary tour in the island nation. Other AAPoly members who attended the TEQSA Conference included CEO, Esther Teo; Academic Dean, Mohan Dass; Senior Lecturer, Dr Ghassan Al Soboh; Deputy Group Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of Academies Australasia, Gabriela Rodriguez; among others.