What is going on at AAPoly
  • 2018 October Graduation Ceremony and Eagles Awards

    AAPoly recognised and celebrated our most recent graduates in AAPoly’s 6th Graduation and 16th Eagles Award ceremony held on October 4, 2018. The Melbourne Town Hall was once again the venue for this auspicious occasion, where the Chair of the Board of Directors, Mr Christopher Campbell, conferred the Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management on 45 students.

    We also congratulated the six 2018 Eagles Award winners with Fatima Angkaya, from our Sydney campus, winning AAPoly’s Eagle Circle Award, achieving the highest academic results for 2018. Fatima also won an Eagle scholarship award in 2017. We commend Fatima on her brilliance!

    The highlight of the day was most certainly the student speeches; students spoke from the heart of their experience and entertained the audience with their account. It was wonderful to see the pride in the faces of the guests, echoing how we feel about the graduates’ achievement knowing the hard work and perseverance that was involved. We hope the graduates will stay in contact, and we wish everyone all the very best with their blossoming careers.