The Academic Advisory Panel provides high level advice and recommendations to the AAPoly Board of Directors and the Academic Board. Membership of the Panel is by invitation, drawn from a mixture of academic and non-academic persons, to make available a range of advice in support of corporate and academic governance in AAPoly.

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Members of the Academic Advisory Panel are:

Dr Stephanie Burns
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Originally trained as a computer engineer in the US Army, Stephanie Burns started her career as an educator designing and teaching programs on the practical use of computers. Initially consulting for NASA, ABC-TV (America), General Electric and other large US corporates, Stephanie went on to research the subject of learning, working with some of the leading thinkers at that time in the areas of education and human behaviour. During this period, Stephanie also worked as a trainer for the US Supercamp program, teaching her learning strategies to teenagers. Stephanie also developed the "Learning to Learn" program which she has since taught to over 40,000 students throughout Australia and New Zealand.

In 1994, Stephanie commenced a PhD program with the University of South Australia, focussing on the emotional experience of the adult learner and goal achievement. Stephanie's doctorate was awarded in April of 2000.

Since 1999, Stephanie has focused her efforts on the development of teaching methods for producing quality learning via technology. She offers much of her own course material in these forms as demonstrations of the methods in practice. She is also developing a new way of thinking about "environments" suitable to support learners who engage in on-line learning events. Several of these unique environments containing "learning how to learn" content can be viewed via her website.

Dr Leslie Kilmartin
BA(Hons), MA, PhD, Principal of The Insight Group

Les draws from his extensive background in the higher education sector to focus on key searches for universities and other education institutions. He provides his clients with a strong understanding of many senior management functions, drawing on his extensive experience in budget development, strategic planning, human resource management, development of strategic alliances, academic exchange and study abroad program development, campus and infrastructure development as well as experience working with local government and community groups. Les has an extensive network of professional contacts throughout Australia and internationally, including United States, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Malaysia, the People’s Republic of China, South Africa, France and Israel. Les held various professional positions and was Pro Vice-Chancellor/Dean and Professor of Regional and Urban Studies at La Trobe University. He has also held senior academic positions at Swinburne University. His academic background includes a first class honours degree in psychology from the University of Queensland, a Master’s degree from the Australian National University and a PhD from La Trobe University.